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We are located in the city of Noocksack, WA. 98247., just 10 minutes  South from the International Border of USA and Canada of Sumas Entrance.  Please Check our map to get directions to our place.

A Closer Look

Now Serving Wine & Beer!

Open 7 Days
Monday – 10am – 9PM
Tues-Sun – 6AM-9PM
507 Nooksack Ave
Nooksack, WA 98276

Features and Most Requested Plates

From Steak, chicken, eggs, pancakes, fish, shrimps, salads and many many more plates to choose from, Three Flavors Kitchen got it for you!


Steak Platter

Steak Platter; Shrimps, Fries and delicious tender Steak.


Chicken Fried Steak

6oz  Chicken Fried Tender Steak With eggs, Toast…


Chef Salad

Fresh salad and toast topped with ham, egg and bacon.


And So Much More...

Check our Main Food Menu or view some of the photos of our plates CLICK HERE!.


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